SAS Virtual uses an Acars-system from Virtual Airline Financial System (VAFS) for administering the airline. VAFS has a unique passenger share system that will allow the virtual airline to compete for the same passengers other virtual airlines are competing for using ticket prices, virtual airline rating, and more. It also enables you to get detailed briefings of your flights as well as pilot performance.

SAS Virtual encourages their pilots to fly online as flying online enhances the experience. It makes it much more realistic to be controlled by virtual air traffic control and sharing the virtual skies with aircrafts piloted by other virtual pilots.

To be able to fly online you need an account with either VATSIM or IVAO, the two largest online flightsim organizations. To register and download the necessary software is completely free.

Useful tips

TOPCAT is an acronym for Take-Off and Landing Performance Calculation Tool. It is a highly realistic, easy-to-use planning tool for all serious flight simulator enthusiasts. It brings into a single application all of the calculations required to plan for safe and repeatable take-offs and landings.

Another very useful tool is Vroute which offers VATSIM server info, flightplan database and vast briefing and flight plan exporting opportunities.

Image of the Virtual Airlines Financial Systems Logbook